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The partnerships we form with our associations speak to our commitment of delivering valued service to our clients to build lasting relationships.  With a focus on providing the best combination of quality services and effective pricing, we strive to perform at the highest level so as to elicit trust in our reliability, knowledge and commitment to the community.
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We recognize that our dedication to our clients is demonstrated by forming a partnership with the Board of Directors to assist in handling the association’s business but also through our customer service to all members of the association, recognizing that we are able to assist homeowners with the questions, concerns or issues that each faces.

Winston’s dedication to the well-being of our associations coupled with extensive qualifications ensures that we will provide the services that our clients need to help achieve their goals.

Winston’s founders offer unique backgrounds in both accounting and architecture.  With trained professionals in finances and property condition, Winston is able to bring additional perspectives to the traditional service areas of management.

With a commitment to continually developing all areas of our service, Winston subscribes to a vigorous approach to education.  The approach extends to both the Winston organization as well as seeking to actively provide information and educational opportunities for association volunteers.  To that end, the Winston team is involved with the training and guidance of board members as well as other managers though regular participation with industry organizations.  Our commitment to increasing education for board members also includes hosting independent seminars for local associations.

Katherine Susmilch, CMCA, AMS, PCAM, AIA

The founder of Winston Management Group, Katherine Susmilch, is uniquely qualified in the management of community associations combining experience as an architect, property manager as well as board president of a condominium association.  With an understanding from multiple perspectives, Kate is able to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of an association and develop recommendations to improve various aspects of an association including property condition, financial health and community matters.   

Combining her architecture knowledge and construction experience with an understanding for the financial limitations many associations face, she helps boards review the challenges they may have with the condition of their property and work through the implementation of a plan.  

Kate brings a strong history of working closely with a board of directors to review an association’s current state, determine the desired goals and prioritize needs in order to develop a strategy for the association and a community plan.

As principal-in-charge of Winston Management Group, Kate oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization and looks continually to review the organization’s mission and management philosophy in comparison to the services provided to our clients.  In addition, she is the senior property manager for the associations, reviews property condition matters and assists in supporting association governance matters.