General Information:  All assessments should be made payable to your Association.

Make a payment
  • If you would like to make a payment for your assessments, please click the below link which will allow you to make a payment online:
Phone 630-401-8427
Fax 630-401-8428
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  • Payment for your account may be made by sending a check directly to us.  Please mail your payment to PO Box 538,  Elmhurst, Il 60126

  • Checks should be made payable to your association

Set up Automatic Payment
  • Please go to the tab Documents and Forms and download the form “ACH Authorization Form”
  • Fill this form out and submit it to our office.  The automatic withdrawal will be become effective in accordance with the timeframes listed on the form.

Make an Inquiry
Please fill out the form below regarding the information that you are requesting:
Unit Number
Are you the owner of record for the unit?
If not, please state your purpose for this inquiry.
Please indicate the information that you are requesting:
What is the amount of my assessment?
When is my assessment due?
What is my association’s grace period before a late fee is assessed to my account?
Please send a ledger of the activity for my account for the past 12 months.
Other – please specify